Growing up in Coahoma County, Mississippi, Aaron learned the values of family, community, and education. As a kid his parents took school seriously and stressed the importance of learning and knowledge which made him fall in love with school. As a student, he caught on quickly and consistently excelled in the classroom. 


While in 4th grade his family moved to Horn Lake, MS and even though he excelled at school just a few counties south, in his new school he struggled to do so. Eventually he did and ended up graduating with honors from Horn Lake High. After high school, Aaron attended Northwest Mississippi Community College for two years before transferring to Benedictine University in Lisle, IL where he majored in Political Science. Through his involvement in student clubs and organizations in high school and college, he gained many skills such as collaboration, organizing, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, and many other skills which continue to benefit him through his professional career. 


Inspired by his own education journey, Aaron was pleased to join Frayser Elementary as the 3rd grade science teacher. Aaron loved his multifaceted role of teacher to some of the most amazing students. He was intentional about creating a learning environment that made learning exciting for students and his students consistently showed high academic growth. However, Aaron quickly realized that even though his students were successful in his classroom, their success was limited by systemic issues. He became trained in community organizing and learned more about the systems impacting students and communities. He has even led others in addressing those systemic issues. 


Since leaving the classroom, Aaron has continued to expand and refine his skills through a variety of roles and titles dedicated to education and addressing systemic issues that impact student outcomes. He also earned a Master of Public Administration degree from University of Memphis. Currently, Aaron works as the Memphis Regional Manager of Enriched Schools where he oversees over 200 guest educators who provide high-quality substitute teacher needs for 30+ charter schools in Memphis and Little Rock. 


In his spare time, Aaron enjoys spending quality time with family & friends, reading, listening to music, watching videos about the latest tech, watching movies and tv, and staying up to date on current events.

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