As a child, I was always excited for school. But, when my family relocated to a new school district my 4th grade year, I realized that my previous school had not fully prepared me to be successful--although I loved school and had excelled at it up to that point.  It was then that I learned of racial disparities in our education systems; my old school was mostly black, but behind my new school which was mostly white. 


When I had the opportunity to lead a classroom, my goal was always to create a learning environment where students felt loved, successful, and confident. And despite the challenges they faced on a daily basis, they worked hard to succeed. Imagine the things they could accomplish with fewer challenges and more resources. 


Right now only about 25% of students in Shelby County are on grade level and only 20% are ready to enter college or a career upon graduation. Our students deserve better. They deserve a fighter who believes in their potential and who is willing to fight hard to provide tools to help them realize and cultivate that potential. They also deserve to know they have access to opportunities to fulfill their potential. That’s why I’m running to represent District 3 on the Shelby County Board of Education.


I am excited to lead the fight to unlock a new world of possibilities for our students with fewer challenges and more resources. But, in order to do soI will need your support, your voice, and your vote on August 6th.


Yours in the fight,



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